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HellParts is the new home of the Guitar Parts/Accessories division of Hell Guitars.

We design and manufacture the world's finest guitar parts and accessories and deliver them

from Japan direct to you via FREE WORLDWIDE SHIPPING!

We love what we do as do the many thousands of our valued and satisfied customers.

Welcome to our world...


Please check back often as new items are added regularly!

We never understood that cheap (and cheap looking!) plastic crap that comes with most guitars. It was cheap 60 years ago and looks even cheaper today.  Our covers are

simply the finest. Dozens of original designs made to fit a

growing number of guitars.

Toggle switch washers, switch rings, poker chips. Whatever you call them we've got 'em here. Beautifully

designed brass, enamel painted, clear-hard finished rings of power. Guaranteed to get you noticed and admired by all. That's right, GUARANTEED!



Let's face it, simple washers are boring. That's why we invented Headbutz! tuner washers to give you another great option to make your guitar truly yours. A unique, non-destructive mod that will set you apart from the


Coming soon, Hell-designed pickguards in durable but lightweight aluminum for a huge variety of guitars. These

are in our humble (albeit biased) opinion, simultaneously the coolest and hottest guards on the market. Really, would we say it if it weren't true?! NO!...



Super Blacks Picks have quickly become the pick of choice for bedroom players and professional guitarists alike. The ugliest, fastest and best sounding picks on the planet. Available in 1mm, 2mm and 3.2mm gauges. All with the special grip that has made us famous...

HellWire Strings deliver a bright, clear tone that one usually expects in more expensive strings. This makes our HellWires easy on your wallet and hard to beat.

Round wound, nickel-plated and available in 009-042 and 010-046 sets.



Why should your guitar have all the fun?! Now you can mod... yourself! We have turned our hardware (covers and washers that is) into distinct, "hardwear" and packaged them in an attractive slide-top tin. The perfect gift for that hard-rocking someone special...

Hell is excited about our new line of Rock fashion. From T-shirts and baseball jerseys to our own brand of more sophisticated rock-wear the likes of which helped make Jimmy, Jimi, Mick etc. famous. Keep checking back to see where we go next!



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